We have taken another BIG step to growing your money on autopilot.

On top of controlling your current, savings, credit cards, investment and pension accounts from the Lumio app... you can now make payments between accounts, to friends, family or just anyone with a bank account. *some of the more observant of you might have noticed its been live for a few weeks 🕵️

So, how does it work?...

- Pay anyone you'd like to (or have to 😉), from any of your connected bank accounts. Currently, 20 providers enable us to make payments straight from your Lumio app, including Monzo, Barclays, Revolut, Halifax , Starling, HSBC, NatWest with more to come soon.

- Reach your goals faster by moving money between your current and savings accounts in just a few taps.

And, very soon... standing orders will go live so you can grow your money on autopilot  🤩

Where & how do I make a payment...?

We thought you might ask, so we prepared a short Gif to show you where to kick things off...

Thanks to our community of early testers we've already pinpointed some necessary changes to making the payment process as smooth as possible. We've listened, learned and iterated 🤓 ...

- Updated designs to help with accessibility

- Changed how you manage your connections  

Lumio is 💯 built on your feedback. So, share your insight and feedback and we can build a finance app that gives everyone the financial security and peace of mind to decide their future.