It’s impossible not to mention the challenges everyone is facing in the current circumstances. We are all facing disruption to our everyday lives, so from the whole team at Lumio: Stay safe and we’ll do our bit in raising our game to be a source for optimism going forward...

🌱 | Wellbeing is No.1 😊

Our No.1 priority is the wellbeing of our customers and team. While finances always come second to health, your financial wellbeing is something we feel responsible for and we are here to support you, as best we can. With that in mind and during these battling times, please feel free to reach out to us with any financial questions you may have and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

| Team Lumio 👩👨💻

Fortunately, our team is used to working remotely, so the transition has been smooth and we've been able to keep the momentum in enabling everyone to take control of their financial future. That means:

✔️ We will continue to run improvements to our iOS app

✔️ We will continue to roll out Spotlight twice-a-week to our community

✔️ Producing more of the articles you want on our personal finance & investing blog, yourMoney.

With the whole team working remotely, it's been about adapting into that WFH world with something a little more sustainable...

Sean - Head of Content ✍️ Sean is finding his writing muse amidst the chaos. A topic you want covered in depth? Reach out to Sean here.

Andreea - Design & Growth 🎨 Andreea has her creative space on lockdown. Chatted to Lumio on Instagram or Twitter? You've probably spoken to Andreea.

Tom - Head of Product 📱 Shared some feedback recently? That would have ended up in the hands of Tom, who is designing some fresh new features. Hit up Tom if you'd like to do some testing.

Adrian - COO ⚙️ Adrian is our guy on the west coast (that's Bristol, not San Fran) that keeps the ship ticking.

Charlie - CEO 🧭 Charlie is bunkered down in his West London flat (more Acton than Fulham), working on Lumio's community and expansion plans.  

Regardless of where we are in the world, your feedback and insight are invaluable to our growth and we can't wait to hear more of what you think about Lumio. Make sure you reach out, be it via in-app chat, email, socials or even with an App Store review. Every word counts! Above all, be safe and be savvy.