We have just released Lumio 1.0.2 and have given Lumio a makeover! The latest version is leaner, easier to navigate and sets us up nicely for further progress.

|   But first… Thank you!  

💌 Your feedback was and continues to be invaluable to our growth. You shared a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve Lumio:

- The App feels slow - loading up of balances of transactions

- The app design felt a bit busy Mentor feed was thin on suggestions  

So, we set about fixing these, and more.

|  So… What’s New? 💡

We’re bringing in even more clarity… Here are some of the main changes:

- Layout - The Mentor is the brain behind Lumio. So to make your experience of Lumio more efficient, we have moved the mentor to become the main navigation and touchpoint within Lumio.

- Design Upgrades - You’ll notice a number of touch-ups in the latest version. We hope you like them.

- Connection Boost - We have added a number of additional connections including a broad range of Pensions. Including, Aegon, Pension Bee and others.

- Smarter Categorisation -  We are continually enhancing our spending and categorisation engine. |

 Help us shape the future of Lumio... 🔊

With each update, we are building a better product for and with you, staying true to our mission to bring your lazy money to life. And so, in the coming weeks we’ll be reaching out, asking for your advice. Which features do you love?  What can we do better? We are extremely proud of our growing Lumio community and excited to hear all your throughts and suggestions on our new version of the app!