Lumio is continuously growing thanks to your help and insight. To make Lumio a hassle-free way of tracking, planning and growing your money, we've listened, learnt and taken action. So let's jump straight to the reason why we're here....

Your feedback and suggestions included:

- Upgrade of the login experience with Face/Touch ID.

- Continue to improve the speed of the app.Add more connections, including Transferwise, Revolut, Marcus by Goldmans Sachs , Nutmeg, Moneybox, PayPal.

- Ability to hide accounts.Build a customisable feed.Include snapshots of all accounts.

- Ability to customise your spending categories.

Here are some of the big wins and tweaks we’ve made:

- We've upgraded your login experience by adding Face / Touch ID login 🔐.

- We've been working on securing more connections.

- Improving the speed of Lumio is not a one-off job, so we'll keep iterating and enhancing.

- Personalised notifications are just around the corner.

- Transaction categorisation has been refined.

And last, but not least, a sneak peek into what's next for Lumio:

- More connections on their way: Nutmeg, Revolut and even Crowdcube coming very soon 🔜.

- Improved accuracy in terms of categories and upcoming payments.

We're at a great point in our growth and your feedback and suggestions are indispensable. Make sure you reach out and let us know what you think, be it through a DM on Twitter or Instagram, an email, a message in our in-app chat or an App Store review.