In the past couple of weeks, our product team has been working hard from home on improving and smoothing out some of the Lumio features and functionalities you have been enjoying so far.  

Before we start things off, thank you for being active members of our community and helping us bring our vision to life. In line with our previous updates, let’s first take a look at some of your feedback, suggestions and thoughts that you’ve shared:

- Some issues with the connection of Fidelity Pension.

- Requests for more transaction categories.

- Reports of issues with onboarding verification text message.

- Option to customise transactions.

- Some balance mismatches for a few customers’ credit card connections.

- Requests for goal display improvements.More of you requesting Freetrade, Wealthify and Trading 212.

In this update, most of our work has focused on the functionality and speed of the app. We’ve taken some fundamental steps in making sure that your Lumio experience will be radically improved - a hassle-free way of tracking, planning and growing your money.

Here are some of the big wins and tweaks we’ve made:

- Smoothed out the sign up process (bigger steps coming soon here...)

- Significant improvements to the speed of the app. You’ll notice a much faster loading time of your transactions and spending insights.

- Fixed some issues with the loading of our list of providers in the connection journey.

In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing some substantial updates and upgrades. Here is a sneak peek into some of the good things you’ll be able to see and test soon:

- Biometric login is next on our list.

- As promised, we'll keep broadening our range of connections - ensuring we have the broadest range in the market.We are working on providing more intelligent suggestions and insights in your Mentor feed to help you grow your money.

- Some nip & tuck to the Mentor layout and start sprucing things up a little.

We would love to hear more of what you think, suggest and envision for Lumio. Make sure you reach out, be it by in-app chat, email, a DM on IG or Twitter, or an App Store review.