Lumio, the next generation of personal finance, has partnered with Open Finance platform Moneyhub to offer customers instant clarity to their financial life, by bringing their bank, savings, pensions and investments, all in one place.

Moneyhub's commitment to data security and its market-leading coverage have made it the perfect fit for Lumio's vision to enable everyone to take control of their financial future. By using Moneyhub's full suite of Data APIs, Lumio allows users to connect to the broadest range of accounts on the market, in just a few seconds. Young people can track, plan and grow their money, without the need for a financial adviser.

Moneyhub's in-depth spending analysis and data categorisation engine provides Lumio with the perfect setup to offer customers easy control of their finances, taking the hassle out of their financial life and finding clever ways to grow their savings and earnings.

Charlie Richardson, Co-founder and CEO at Lumio comments: “The breadth of Moneyhub’s comprehensive financial data source and expertise made them the obvious choice. We didn’t just want to offer our users access to their banking data but provide a holistic view of their financial situation so they could make informed decisions and secure better outcomes by using our app. And with Moneyhub we are able to offer our users this and more! Working with the Moneyhub team has been a truly collaborative experience. Tapping into their expertise and working directly with their development team enabled us to build out the proposition which suited our specific needs.”

Dan Scholey, COO at Moneyhub comments: “Improving financial literacy and wellbeing is a goal close to our hearts at Moneyhub and we welcomed the opportunity to work with a forward thinking team like Lumio. Open Finance is here now. It empowers users of apps like Lumio to see their financial past, present and future, while enabling businesses to interact with these insights, supporting customers with information and products that suit their unique financial requirements.This is an important starting point to making better financial decisions that don’t just focus on the day to day but on the long-term too. Lumio makes these decisions easier for its users and will be a great companion on their financial journey.”