Know where you're spending so you can start saving 💡

Get an instant breakdown of your spending, income, and bills with our extended list of fresh categories.

1️. Tap on the Transaction

2️. Hit "Tap to Change" on the right side of the category

3️. Select the correct category  

How it works... 📌

We're not perfect. Our algorithm might not spot the right category 100% of the time, but you can help us get better at it.. by recategorising a transaction.

Andreea got a new puppy called 'Bo' and had to gear up with the essentials for puppy care. Lumio categorised her transactions at her local pet shop and the pet insurance as Household instead of Pets. An honest mistake..and an easy fix. Just follow the steps above 👆  

Et voila! Andreea now knows exactly where she's spending on Bo.  

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