Transparency is a key pillar of what Lumio is today and what it will become in the future. So, of course, we have to extend this to the product as well. We will always keep you posted about the new features to be deployed and when it will be done. As you, our user, are the core of our focus, we will also work towards building the features requested by you 🙌.

So combining what we have planned with the most requested features by our users and Spotlight readers, here is our Top 7 🤩!  

- Payments

- Account round ups

- Android app release

- Increase in the marketplace products

- Rewards

- Multiple goals

- More financial education

- Automated saving account switching

These aren’t the only things we’re planning... However, these are the major new features set to be designed, tested and shipped in the coming period. To give you a better understanding, here is how they fit into our overall roadmap

Currently in Beta

These are features or tasks that have been built and are being tested by ourselves and a group of Super Lumio testers (if you want to join this group, feel free to get in touch).  They should be available in the coming weeks ⏲️.  Our main focus here is on adding more and more providers to the list. This means testing their connections and the user experience of connecting to them. We are really excited to be adding some small features like Setting Your Pay Day. This will really help us make some great calculations on how to get your money working harder 💸.  

Another feature, that will refine your experience with Lumio, is the Bio-metric log in (finger print and facial recognition). No more trying to remember your passcode! 😉 All these items are quite far along the testing path. We have researched, prototyped and scoped out the final versions we want to deliver. All being well, we should have these with you in time for Christmas 🎅🏻 !

The most exciting bit is the launch of our ✨ Android App ✨! This willl, of course, be released with all the same features as our iOS version. We will be inviting Android users to help test the app in the month ahead of the full launch. If you would like to be a part of this, please register here! Short Term (2-4 months).

We are pretty pumped to be able to support Payments 💳. This will allow us to start doing some great things for you, from rounding up amounts to initiating transfers on your behalf 🥳. We will also increase the size of our product marketplace. Currently, we focus on investment and savings products but come the new year, this will have increased to include current accounts, credit cards and ISAs. A lot of this will depend on what our users want from Lumio.

We are passionate about building features that have a huge impact on how you use Lumio. We have pretty exciting things already lined up, such as Rewards and Multiple goal setting 🏆. What is even better, is that we have some pretty great plans that we are keeping under the hood until closer to the time 😎. As always we will be asking for some of you to help with testing and shaping of these features.

Cool... So, what's next? 🤔 We will be keeping this blog and roadmap up to date, so you can always have a feel for what is coming and can share your thoughts. This roadmap is not guaranteed and is certainly not a GANNT chart. Things could change over time, but it should give you a great feeling of the way in which Lumio is developing and what we are aiming towards.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think ! We hope you enjoy the journey with Lumio, as we all grow. 🌱