Managing subscriptions and bills that come out of multiple accounts is a tiresome and tedious process even for the most switched on person.  This is why "Repeating Payments" made our final "must have" feature list ✨. You can now track all your repeating payments, from credit cards and utility bills, to rent payments and even Netflix. All in one place, well organised and easy to manage.  Surprise payments are no fun... That one upcoming payment you might have forgotten about can become an unwanted stress factor. This is the reason why we have built Lumio in a way that can spot these repeating payments, predict the amount and when it will be due in the future. How do we do it? 🧐 Your repeating payments sit within your Spending tab. When you open it,you will be able to see a breakdown of both paid and upcoming payments.  Receive reminders for upcoming bills so you can plan ahead Never miss a payment. We'll let you know when bills are dueGet warned when funds are low so you know what you can paySo... How does it work? 🤔 We'll do our best to do all the hard work. We will spot a transaction and label it as a Repeating payment if we see it coming out multiple times in a row, in a certain pattern.  However, if you see a transaction that you would like to set as a Repeating payment, just open it and tap the “Is this a repeating payment?”  toggle. All that's left for you to do is choose how often it repeats and we will take care of the rest... Easy, right? 👌 Likewise, if you spot a transaction that has been incorrectly marked as a repeating payment, no problem! You can easily edit this in the same way, by tapping the toggle in the tab.